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We are the World's Premier Source for All Industrial Centrifuge Needs.

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Centrifuge World buys, sells, and rebuilds centrifuges. Which service is best for you?

We Rebuild Centrifuges

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We Sell Centrifuges

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Centrifuge Repair Done Right The First Time

Toll Free: 1-800-208-6075

Centrifuge World provides repair, rebuild, refurbishing, and reconditioning services for all types of centrifuges. We provide the customer with estimates for approval prior to the repair, rebuild,  refurbishing, reconditioning. We work on all types of centrifuges including Decanters, Basket, Horizontal, vertical, separators, pushers and pushers.


Fabricated Centrifuge Parts

Centrifuge World Fabricates Custom Parts for Your Centrifuge or Rotation Equipment. These are Centrifuge Doors with Sight-glass Custom made for an Alfa Laval owned by FMC / Dupont.

Fabricated Centrifuge Door With Sight Glass Fabricated Centrifuge Door with Sight Glass Fabricated Centrifuge Door

Centrifuge Repair Videos

Centrifuge World buys, sells, and Repairs centrifuges. Which service is best for you?