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About Us

Houston Centrifuge Repair – Centrifuge World


Who We Are:

We are the nation’s largest centrifuge rebuilder and provider and have proudly served the pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, power, petrochemical, oil, and all related industries since 1939.

Where We Are:

We have established a presence as the premier outlet for factories all over the USA and Canada. With two locations in Chicago, IL and in Houston, TX.


We are Centrifuges: With employees who formally worked for Sharples, Bird and Baker Perkins who have designed some of the centrifuges that are still in field today. We have a total of over 150 years experience combined.

What We Do:

At Centrifuge World we rebuild, repair and service centrifuges.

We can provide, repair, rebuild and fabricate parts. In addition, we buy and sell used centrifuges.


Sharples, Alfa Laval, Bird, Westfalia, Heinkel, Ketema, Tolhurst, ATM, Humboldt, De Laval, Hutchison Hayes, Rousselet Robatel, Krauss-Maffe and all others.

Client Testimonies:

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