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Heinkel Centrifuge Repair

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Let Us Rebuild Your Heinkel Centrifuge

We assist you in ensuring that you benefit from your long-term investments.

Heinkel Centrifuge Repair

We are the worlds best inverted basket centrifuge rebuilding / service company. We don’t have to tell you, please click this link and read about a unit that was doing $800,000 batches for a fortune 500 Company. The letter speaks for itself. 

Centrifuge World's specially trained fitters and service technicians are available to you at short notice.

By means of a precisely planned approach, they process even highly complex units within a tight schedule at economic conditions, So that your system can be recommissioned and operate safely and reliably over a long time.

Centrifuge World In-house repairs

On-site and also in the factory we repair your machines and your process equipment using newly fabricated parts.

After initial testing and cost assessment we will run the repair promptly.

In line with your requirements we will provide the documentation. Such documentation can consist of the following documents for example:

  • condition report based on a checklist
  • drawings with measured dimensions
  • material certificates
  • test logs like, for example, dye-penetration test, dimension logs, balancing logs
  • commissioning test logs like, for example, test run, measurement of imbalance, noise and temperature

What customers say

Real Testimonies from Satisfied Clients


Clariant Springfield, MO

"I really can't say enough about the fine group of people at Centrifuge World" - JP Neal read full testimony


PPG Lake Charles, LA

"Have done business with Centrifuge World since 2001 and we are extremely satisfied."


Marathon Petroleum Robinson, IL

"There is nobody else that I would trust with my centrifuges. They have been providing routine service, parts, and rebuilds for us since 1980"


Solvay Chemicals Longview, WA

"Centrifuge World is the most realiable company we know."