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Centrifuge World has the Centrifuge you need to yield the most from your production.

Why Do You Need a Centrifuge For Your Brewery?



A Centrifuge is an investment. It will increase your productivity while being more green. You will use less water, energy, and cause less waste.

Centrifuges do their thing — removing yeast and other solids (like hops) — by spinning the beer around at high speeds, causing those denser solids to be spun out of the liquid through gravitational force. Brewers like centrifuges for removing yeast because the process doesn’t strip away desired hop and malt flavours like pushing beer through filter media can. Additionally, less dissolved oxygen ends up getting introduced into the beer from the process.



“Centrifuging doesn’t beat up the beer as much,” -  Flying Fish Founder and General Manager Gene Muller.

If you want to know how a separator works, CLICK HERE.


Enter Centrifuge World

Centrifuge World has the Centrifuge you need to yield the most from your production. We realize the cost of raw materials never stays the same and are constantly going up. Usually this would result in your company having to raise the price of your beverages. However, with one of our new or used centrifuges, your company can produce much more in a shorter amount of time allowing you the keep the costs of your beverage at a competitive rate if not beating the competition.

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To Filter or Not to Filter?

We understand that not all breweries are created equal. Many brewery like to filter their beer for a different result. 

However, some companies choose not to filter for the following reasons:

“diatomaceous earth is a regulated respiratory health hazard.  filter media has an environmental footprint: mining, manufacturing, high heat processing, iron oxide removal, transport, and commercial pulp forests versus native ecosystems.  Not to mention the fact that the spent media needs to be disposed of and that typically means in a landfill.” - West 6th Brewing


“-Filtering sucks and we are lazy

-Most filtering methods use DE which has ramifications (arsenic, getting rid of it)

-Yeast adds to the flavor

-Filtering strips hoppy goodness” - Iron Horse Brewery


With a separator, you can achieve a similar filtration process. A separator will run the beer through a series of discs that spin at a high RPM causing solids to collect on the inside. The solids are then discharged by lifting the discs off their base and they spin out.

Centrifuging is a popular method of reducing the yeast content of beer and is often used where fining agents are not used or are used in conjunction with fining agents. Many brewers who practice accelerated cold conditioning use centrifuges, as they offer a greater degree of control over yeast count and eliminate the time needed for maturation and fining.

Centrifuge During Beer Transfer

The first method is to use the centrifuge to separate the yeast crop as the beer is transferred from the fermenter to the conditioning tanks. This accomplishes beer transfer and yeast collection in one step.

Centrifuge Following Yeast Sedimentation

The second method is to use a centrifuge to clarify the beer after the yeast has been separated by sedimentation.


Centrifuges have a number of advantages such as small space requirement, more consistent clarity, most are self cleaning, minimum oxygen pickup, and can be continuously operated for an indefinite period.